2016 Christmas and 2017 New Year’s Book Haul

I’ve never really done a book haul before, but I know that I enjoy watching videos of them, so I though I would give it a try. This will be organized into a number of categories, because there is a lot. 🙂


Neil Gaiman

Neverwhere- I picked this book up from my high school library, but just didn’t get into it enough to hold on to and renew several times. 🙂 Now I have my own copy to read at my own pace, and I definitely plan to finish it this time. It’s about a world hidden beneath London and follows two protagonists, a girl named Door and a man named Richard Mayhew. My particular edition includes a bonus tale titled “How the Marquis Got His Coat Back.” Going by what I can remember of the Marquis, I am looking forward to both it, and the novel itself.

Stardust- Stardust is a type of fairy tale, a type of epic quest story starring Tristran Thorn as he searches for a fallen star to bring back to “his beloved, the hauntingly beautiful Victoria Forester.”

Trigger Warning- This is a short story collection that I have wanted to read for some time. It includes an American Gods novella and a Dr. Who story, as well as some other short stories and poetry.

Smoke and Mirrors- Here is another short story collection, this one with one of the most beautiful covers that I have ever seen. I adore Gaiman’s short stories, and there just isn’t much more that I can say about them, haha.


The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson (includes The Kiss of Deception, The Heart of Betrayal, and The Beauty of Darkness)

(I’ve never heard of this trilogy before and look forward to trying it. I honestly know very little about it, except that it is a fantasy about a girl who runs away after being engaged to someone for the sake of a political alliance. The last political fantasy I read was Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst, and it was fantastic. I have high hopes for this trilogy. )

Other Novels

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult- I had actually planned to read this book a few years ago, but ended up holding off because it was supposed to be read in a bioethics class I wanted to take. However that class ended up being canceled and now I have an excuse to dive into it!

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson- This is Penguin Classics book about “four seekers” and “the rambling old pile known as Hill House.” The synopsis on the back makes it sound intriguing, and I look forward to haunting its pages myself.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab- I’ve wanted to read this novel ever since I heard Cece talk about it on her YouTube channel ProblemsofaBookNerd. It’s about several different versions of London and a man named Kell. Kell is the “Red Traveler- one of the last magicians who can travel between worlds.” I sense an eventual book review for this one…..

Poetry and Short Story Collections

Band Nerds: Poetry From the Thirteenth Chair Trombone Player by DJ Corchin- This is actually a book that I saw on Goodreads. I never mentioned it to anyone except the friend that I found it with, but it wound up being a Christmas gift from my parents. I am the ultimate band nerd, and I look forward to digging into this.

Band Nerds: Confessions and Confusion by DJ Corchin- This is supposed to be full of “quotes, anecdotes, and thoughts from The Thirteenth Chair. I don’t quite know what to expect, but I’m excited to give it a try.

Everything’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales by Stephen King- I have to admit something. I have never actually read a Stephen King book before. I’ve read plot synopses and thought they sounded brilliant, but always been too afraid to actually give one a try. What better way to ease myself into King’s work than with a short story collection.

Writing and Journaling

Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith- I’m sure we’ve all seen these at the store or online, and now I have one of my own. There are instructions on each page describing to destroy that particular section of the journal. I really want to do it, but first I have to overcome my fear of destroying books, because it honestly is quite cool to look at. Once I get up the courage to start, I might post pictures.

Writing Fantasy Heroes: Powerful Advice From the Pros edited by Jason M Waltz- This one is pretty explanatory, haha. It includes advice from authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Cecelia Holland, Orson Scott Card, and a number of others.

Violence: A Writer’s Guide (Second Edition) by Rory Miller- Again, this seems pretty self-explanatory. It’s quite a hefty book, and writing violence is actually something that I struggle with sometimes, so I am ready to learn from a pro.


New Year’s


Hero Type by Barry Lyga- I originally only picked this up based on the title because I thought it might be an urban fantasy. It’s actually about “a boy. A girl. And what it means to be a hero.” The synopsis talks about someone doing something heroic for the wrong reasons and another character standing up for what they believe in and being shot down because of it. Sounded fascinating, and I’ve been in similar situation before, so I bought it.

The Island at the End of the World by Sam Taylor- This was purely cover based at first. I thought it might be about a jungle. Then I discovered that it is a postapocalyptic story that is supposed to explore “the darkness that lies within the hearts of men.” I was intrigued, and it’s also a Penguin Classics book.

The Tattooed Soldier by HĂ©ctor Tobar- This was, yet again, another cover attraction. I found it next to The Island at the End of the World in the same store. This one is a Penguin Classics book as well and is about a Guatemala refugee who’s family was killed by a soldier with a jaguar tattoo on his ram. He and a man with the same tattoo wind up in the same city, Los Angeles.

Six Graves to Munich by Mario Puzo (writing as Mario Cleri)- I’ve actually wanted to read another of Puzo’s books, The Godfather, for a long time, and when I came across this one, I was thrilled. It’s on the thin side, like the previous two, and is about an intelligence officer  named Michael Rogan who was once a Nazi prisoner of war. I’m not always super into historical fiction, but when it is set in certain times, like the World War II era, I tend to be able to get into it fairly easily, so I figured I would give it a try.

Other Books

Rags and Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales edited by Melissa Marr and Tim Pratt- A short story collection featuring my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman and Holly Black, and others such as Rick Yancey, work from the two editors, Garth Nix, and more. I adore twisted tales, and I look forward to starting it.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay by J. K. Rowling- Now let’s get this straight: I will admit to having several problems with The Cursed Child. But I still enjoyed it, at least in a cringy, weird fanfiction kind of way. I have heard that Beasts is supposed to be a huge redeeming book after that, and I look forward to it. My friend watched the movie, and they are as much of a Harry Potter snob as I am. They loved it, and agreed that it was a redeemer, so I suppose I’ll see.


What books did you guys get for Christmas and/or New Years?




Author: thelibraryllama

I am a writer who dedicates herself to urban fantasy and cotemporary gothic novels and short stories, and I have several projects in the works. I adore Gothic literature, and my favorite poems are "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes, and "Prometheus" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I also love the non-gothic poem "I Feel As Lit By Fire" by Michelangelo. Currently, my favorite authors are Holly Black, Neil Gaiman, and Rick Riordan.

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