Durarara!! Light Novels

One of the series that I want to finish (or at least get farther into) this year is the Durarara!! series. I’ve read the manga, but haven’t read beyond the first volume of the novels (which I recently reread). It’s sort of my guilty pleasure series. I’m about half-way through with Durarara!!X2 of the anime, and I’m experiencing some emotional turmoil over it, haha. I am excited to try and get ahold of the next light novels!

Look for a review on Durarara!! volume 1 coming soon!!


Author: thelibraryllama

I am a writer who dedicates herself to urban fantasy and cotemporary gothic novels and short stories, and I have several projects in the works. I adore Gothic literature, and my favorite poems are "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes, and "Prometheus" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I also love the non-gothic poem "I Feel As Lit By Fire" by Michelangelo. Currently, my favorite authors are Holly Black, Neil Gaiman, and Rick Riordan.

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