Durarara!! Light Novels

One of the series that I want to finish (or at least get farther into) this year is the Durarara!! series. I’ve read the manga, but haven’t read beyond the first volume of the novels (which I recently reread). It’s sort of my guilty pleasure series. I’m about half-way through with Durarara!!X2 of the anime, and I’m experiencing some emotional turmoil over it, haha. I am excited to try and get ahold of the next light novels!

Look for a review on Durarara!! volume 1 coming soon!!

Creativity Breeds Compassion

This is a beautiful post about the arts and what our world has become.

Clare Chodos-Irvine

The current state of the world, and especially America, my home, is heartbreaking. There have been more violent shootings in the United States than there have been days in 2016. Within a recent 24-hours, two pre-meditated shootings happened in the same city. One was the murder of 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie, who I personally admired since she was about 19, for her incredible voice and kindhearted nature. The other was the brutal attack on a gay night club, resulting in the deaths of almost 55 members of the LGBTQ+ community and almost the same number of injuries. Although these two crimes were of different calibers, they reiterate clearly many issues that come up again and again and again within our society. It’s hard, seeing this type of violence happen somewhere I call home, to people I feel a bond with. Although I did not know anyone involved in either event…

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Synopsis Writing Tips

I’ve worked with lots of writers who can compose the most beautiful prose, bring scenes to vivid life, make me care about their characters, keep me turning the page, but these same writers find one thing almost impossible to do – they can’t write a synopsis. What is it about a synopsis that has so […]

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Here’s some straight-forward tips on writing a synopsis, that I’ve found.